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We are committed to providing top quality Live-in/Live-out local Nannies and Caregivers placement services to Canadian families through professional evaluation and background screening. Finding the right Nanny for your family requires patience and perseverance. Remember that one of the most important factors in choosing a Nanny is finding a candidate who is a good match to your family. Evaluating your family’s needs and preferences provides essential information for hiring the right caregiver.

Personally Interview the Nanny

It is important to conduct a personal interview of any Nanny you are planning to hire. It makes sense to conduct the interview in the presence of your kids and any relative that you can get hold. If after the interview everyone feels positive about the Nanny then it's ok to hire the person, if there is any doubt or uneasiness in the minds of anyone then it is better not to hire the Nanny. Human nature works on the basis of instinct, people have instinct to guide them when they are not completely sure of all the facts. Believe your instinct completely and also the instinct of your close ones before selecting the Nanny. Some who has a great background record does not necessarily qualify as a good Nanny. If your kids don’t feel any friendly vibes from the Nanny during the interview make sure you reject the person. Kids surprisingly have a better instinct than adults when it comes to determining a truly friendly person. Give complete priority to your kid’s decision when it comes to a Nanny.

Monitor the Nanny’s Performance

Like any good hirer it makes sense to monitor the performance of the new joined (into your family) for at least a period of a week. You can monitor the nanny performance on the basis of feedback given by your kids mainly; you can also get feedback from people who get to see the nanny’s behavior when you are not around like say your gardener, your cook, your maid or your neighbors.

Things to Consider when hiring a Nanny or Babysitter

  • Does the nanny seem to really love and connect with children? Does she love being a nanny?
  • Does the nanny communicate well with children? Does she uses appropriate language and get down on their eye level? Do the children respond well to the nanny?
  • It is very important to hire a nanny that has good sense of humor and a positive attitude therefore this will be reflected to your children
  • Is she knowledgeable concerning children’s health issues including common childhood illnesses?
  • Does the nanny demonstrate an understanding of children’s developmental stages - especially the stages your children are in and are moving toward?
  • Can the nanny give examples of age appropriate activities that she will do with your children? Do these activities meet the emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs of your children? Can the nanny outline a typical day’s schedule for you that will meet these needs?
  • Does the nanny have relevant child care experience?
  • Will the nanny follow your parenting guidelines? Will you respect and appreciate her professional opinions?
  • Can the nanny address the safety issues that are involved with caring for your children?
  • Can the nanny provide the kind of atmosphere you want your children to be in on a daily basis?
  • Does the nanny have the ability to plan and prepare nutritious, balanced snacks and meals? Is the nanny reliable, responsible, nurturing and professional? Does the nanny display the kind of maturity needed to do the job you are asking of her?
  • Do you match expectations in regards to salary, hours, job duties and other basics?
  • Has there been a complete background and employment screening from the Nanny Agency? This should include a criminal background check, driving records check and reference screenings.
  • Have you disclosed all relevant information to the nanny about your family and what you are looking for in a caregiver? Does the nanny seem comfortable with all that you have shared?


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Employer's Registration


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$800 (One time placement fee for 5-7 days per week Childcare and Housekeeping)

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